Does your child lack friends? Is he the subject of bullying and teasing? Does he sit at home playing video games alone instead of interacting with his peers? Does she seem lonely and withdrawn?

Social Skills Development Center can help!

Our program has been proven to improve your motivated child, teen, or young adult’s ability to make and keep friends. We teach concrete steps to achieve this goal and work with him to practice the social skills learned in session so that he can use these newfound behaviors in school, at home, and in the community.

You, as parents, will be an integral part of this process. While your child attends session each week, you will be taught how to support your child with each newly acquired skill.

We will work with you as a team to accomplish your child's ultimate goal – making friends!

Not only is our program helpful for children, teens, and young adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Social Phobias, Bipolar Disorder, and OCD but it has also been proven beneficial for shy, introverted or socially awkward individuals.

Our program takes a creative approach in engaging open-ended conversations to spark a sense of fulfillment in a child, teen, or adolescent's life.

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  • "He is more confident in groups, socially interacting with others. His progress is evident both at school and home, and I am so proud of his progress."
    Mother of 9 year old male participant
  • "Both instructors did a fabulous job. Thanks for the great unique talents provided to our family."
    Mother of 14 year old male participant
  • "As a parent, I learned many useful/helpful things. I’ll recommend other parents if they have kids with social skills issues."
    Mother of 15 year old male participant
  • "Every lesson pertained to us. These were so helpful and we saw immediate improvement. Excellent program!"
    Mother of 11 year old female participant
  • "We really benefitted from this class because I now see a happy, self-confident young woman. She feels strong enough to reach out to other kids and work to make friends."
    Mother of 14 year old female participant
  • "Instructors, helpers, and whole groups of parents were fabulous. I was very happy to meet the other parents. Definitely need more get-togethers."
    Mother of 18 year old male participant
  • "Excellent, excellent teachers!!! So dedicated! I’ve never met any counselors as dedicated as Mary and Lisa. I am so appreciative for countless number of times they’ve helped me survive and continue pushing my daughter. I wouldn’t mind taking this class again!"
    Mother of 13 year old female participant
  • "From a parent’s standpoint, I appreciate having tools now to help my daughter. This class also created a stronger bond between the two of us."
    Father of 13 year old female participant
  • "I just wanted to thank you for all your help this past year with our daughter. She is doing great at school – she has a group of friends she fits in well with and made the Volleyball Team! Socially she has come so far. She found her sense of humor (with your help) and finds the humor in situations at school now. Now even some of the other kids are copying that and they end up laughing through most of their school days. I couldn’t have imagined that would happen and it wouldn’t of come about without your help and insight. We won’t ever be able to thank you enough!"
    Mother of 13 year old female participant
  • "She is gradually grasping most concepts. This program has helped me to help her. Thanks!"
    Mother of 12 year old female participant
  • "I can’t begin to recommend your program enough. Our son started out as a shy, reserved high schooler and ended the program as a self-confident, proud teen. He discovered things about himself that he hadn’t tapped in the past. This program opened his eyes to the opportunities that were right in front of him."
    Father of a 17-year-old male participant
  • "My daughter floundered when it came to socializing. She was enrolled in college but lacked the skills needed to approach other students. By the end of the class, she was asking fellow students to coffee. Amazing!"
    Mother of 19 year old female participant
  • "Role playing was helpful given our child’s learning style. The instructors and therapists are deeply invested in their students’ success. Definitely would recommend program to all parents."
    Mother of 19 year old male participant
  • "Thank you for teaching us what others take for “granted”. We have learned a lot and our daughter has benefited greatly. Thank you both and don’t forget the humor!"
    Mother of 11 year old female participant

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